Corporate Wellness

Elevate your organization's healthcare standards with our comprehensive solutions, including employee wellness programs, on-site ambulances, medical rooms, and occupational health services.

Ambulance Subscription

Gain peace of mind with our ambulance subscription service, ensuring immediate access to emergency medical transportation when needed by employees across India.


Ambulance on Site

Benefit from on-site ambulance services for your organization or event, ensuring a swift response and medical assistance during emergencies


Medical Room

Set up a medical room personalized to your organization's needs, offering preventive care, treatment, vaccinations, and first aid services for your employees anywhere in India.


Occupational Health Center

Our comprehensive Occupational Health Center provides specialized services to support employee health and safety, including medical assessments, vaccinations, and wellness programs.


Mobile Medical Unit

we provide well-managed Medical Mobile units with advanced equipment and are staffed by experienced healthcare professionals.


TeleHealth Consultation

Connect with our healthcare experts through telehealth consultations, receiving medical advice and diagnoses anywhere.


Health Checkups

Prioritize your employees' health with our comprehensive health checkup packages, including screenings, diagnostic tests, and advanced care


Wellness at the Workplace

Promote employee well-being and productivity with our year-long workplace wellness programs, including fitness activities, stress management, and mental wellness.


First Aid Training

Equip your employees with life-saving skills through first aid training programs, empowering them with responding skills.



Trust in Our Expertise

Harness our wealth of expertise in Ambulance on-board Care or Corporate Healthcare, backed by international quality standards.

Why Choose Us?

Easy Booking

Simply ring us at 97000 01298 or download our App.

All-in-one solution

From preventive care to emergency medical services, everything under one roof.

Customized Solutions

Discover the Personalized Touch That Transforms Your Healthcare Experience.

Rapid Emergency Assistance

Count on Us for Swift Response Times, Providing Emergency Assistance in 10-15 Minutes or Less.

Continuous Innovation

Stay Ahead with Us as We Embrace Continuous Innovation by adding the best in Ambulance care.

Industries Served

Infrastructure and Real Estate

On-site medical support for construction workers' safety.

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Educational Institutions

Prioritize student and staff well-being with medical rooms and health screenings.

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Delivery and Logistics

Support delivery personnel's health with emergency medical response.

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Hospital Healthcare

Reliable solutions for exceptional healthcare services.

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Manufacturing and Industrial

Prioritize injury prevention and occupational health.

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Retail and Hospitality

Focus on physical and mental well-being for exceptional customer experiences.

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Pharma: Delivering

Specialized healthcare solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

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HR Intermediaries

Empower with comprehensive medical solutions.

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Elevate the guest experience with healthcare packages.

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Freight Aggregation

Safeguarding personnel with on-site medical support.

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Ensure driver safety with ambulance services and CPR training.

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Travel Companies

Support travellers with telehealth and ambulance services.

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Timely care and support for policyholders.

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Banking Industry

Promote employee health with on-site medical rooms.

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Zenzo App

The lifeline to health and safety - Zenzo app

Convenient Booking: Easy, fast, and secure.

Personalized Care: Tailored to your needs.

24/7 Access to Care: Always Available.

GPS Tracking: Accurate location tracking.

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Zenzo OHC - A great decision, top-notch service, and lifesaver for manufacturing.

Ashwini Tiwari

Zenzo on-site ambulance - Swift, skilled, and life-saving.

Rahul Jain

Zenzo ambulance subscription - Convenient, prompt, employee well-being ensured. Highly recommended.

Sandip Joshi